We are a company specialize in producing folding partition wall and space management within interior buildings. Our folding partitions have been exported and installed in many countries. Our sliding folding partition products shape space by providing flexible sight and sound dividing, enabling our customers to control their space.

Innovative flexible space solutions require not only skills but also pride and passion. We have both and we are proud of our company and the folding partition products we create. In every interaction, we provide our customers with a positive attitude to do the best work. We value our relationship and hope to be your longtime partner.

About Us

Reliable Partner

Shaping your space is not just our job, but how we handle our business. We are committed to advancing in space management. We are not just folding partition manufacturers, but also consultants to provide customers with more services. We work with architects, contractors and construction owners on the market to help them make the most use of their space with acoustic partition.

Fully Recognized

We insist on higher standards. Through our ongoing commitment to improve and strict quality control system, we design and manufacture the highest quality products. Our folding room partitions are built to last.

Architects, contractors and building owners are absolutely confident of choosing our folding partitions. Our experienced staff and streamlined manufacturing process can ensure punctual, low cost, damage free delivery. Our reputation for a reliable, worry-free delivery allows us to build lasting long-term partnerships with our customers. You can rely on us.

Folding Partition

With years of experience, we have established our career in a flexible space management industry, providing unparalleled knowledge, skills and advice for each project to provide the required product.

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