Why Install Partition Screen?

Why Install Partition Screen? Partition Screen Decorative Wall Screens Room Hanging Screen Partition If you want to make the most of your space, you should install a room partition screen. Our hanging screen partition is a professional soundproof wall that will meet your specific requirements. Save you money Once the decorative partition screens have been […]

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Sound Proof Partitions | Wall Dividers | Soundproof Partition Material

Sound Proof Partitions When in use, sound proof partitions form a flat solid wall at the right place and fold into the stacking area when not in use. Sound proof room partitions are available in three basic system types – 65, 80 and 100 soundproof wall divider. The sound proof partition material for the 3 […]

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Retractable Partitions | Interior Soundproof Wall | Retractable Room Partitions

Retractable Partitions Retractable partitions are a customizable range of room dividers that conforms to the customer’s precise specifications. As an acoustically operable system, retractable room partitions are the best choice for places where noise reduction is the primary task. The acoustic partitions are perfect for meeting rooms, offices, conference rooms, hotels, restaurants or any such […]

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