Operable Partitions Fabric Finish

Operable Partition Walls Operable Panel Partitions Cost

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Operable Partitions Fabric Finish

Fabric operable partitions place all options at your fingertips, no matter it’s for room to work or room to play, public meetings or private functions, assembly or seminars, etc. Our customized fabric finish operable partition walls can easily slid along a hidden track above the ceiling, providing all the acoustics and aesthetic features of the fixed wall with an immeasurable advantage of maximum flexibility.

You can easily and quickly achieve a variety of configurations and divisions. Once in place, the spring-loaded seal locks like it’s fixed. The fully modular system allows operable partitions to be designed by project, taking into account all individual needs. The installation can be carried out local installers with our instruction. In essence, our operable panel partitions can eliminate barriers of your architectural design and take full advantage of your available space.

Custom Fabric Operable Partitions

Our single-panel operable partitions are designed to accommodate most specifications. Each panel is interlocking with the next. They are available in three different thicknesses: 65, 80, 100mm. Operable partition cost of each thickness is different.


Projects certified dB Reduction Effect
Conference center and hotel 48+ audio and video equipment or loud shouting
Hotel and the office 45 to 48 loudly heard weakly but indistinguishable
Education and training 38 ~ 46 loud speech heard but not easy to distinguish
Leisure, sports and education 32 to 41 normal speech are heard
Community center and school 15 ~ 38 easy to hear loud speech

Operable Partition Walls Operable Panel Partitions Cost

Acoustic System

The acoustic partition wall system is available for the highest specification of operable partition, designed to cover all possible applications where sound reduction is necessary.

High specification ceiling track system;
Sound rating from Rw 30 to 50 dB;
Exposed protective edge or concealed profiles.
Individual plate is suspended from the top track.
Various stacking arrangements;
A telescopic seal locked between the track and the floor.
Access door is available for operable partitions.
The surface treatment may be used in hardwood veneer, vinyl, melamine, laminate or spray.

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