Hanging Room Partitions – Finishes Options

Hanging Room Partitions Folding Hanging Partition For Rooms

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Hanging Room Partitions – Finishes Options

Hanging room partitions are often used in hotels, coffee room, inspection hall, multi-function rooms, station, art hall, restaurants, auction center, universities, KTV, art museum, the court, convention center, airport, library, and so on.

Aesthetics is vital for almost any project, so we offer a wide range of completion options that will meet your design requirement for any project. Hanging partitions for rooms can be finished with protective edge trims, uncut vertical edges. Finished options include vinyl, fabric, carpet, veneer, laminate, mural, and other custom surfaces. In addition, we offer a range of options for operable partitions to meet your creative design, such as inserts, access doors, and pocket doors for providing additional functionality for your design.


Our vinyl is manufactured to ensure the highest quality, durability and environmental safety. We keep searching to provide our hanging partition with an environmentally friendly finish.


Fabric finish is to use our high performance woven fabric to complete the hanging room partitions and at an additional charge. All fabrics are VOC and ODS, or formaldehyde free. Each style has a wide variety of colors to suit your environment and interior design.

Hanging Room Partitions Folding Hanging Partition For Rooms

Melamine Lamination

Laminated MDF is the most popular finish for our hanging room partition. Factory testing has been thoroughly tested.

Sound Absorbing Material

The sound-absorbing finish is available for our folding changing screen. These materials are a great way to combine our high STC performance with superior sound absorption.