Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition

Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition Acoustical Sliding Folding Partitions

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General Details

Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition

Acoustic sliding folding partition – also known as sliding folding partitions, room divider or folding acoustic partitions – is globally recognized for their unparalleled quality, design flexibility, acoustic performance and durable durability. Our acoustic folding partition is manufactured in China and is made of aluminum frame and can be designed with the industry’s most comprehensive sizes, performance options and decorative surfaces.

Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition with More Options

We proudly manufacture in China and exports acoustic sliding folding partition to many countries. There are mainly three different wall thicknesses. The use of thick aluminum frame durability can help achieve higher heights. A variety of acoustic and decorative surface designs are available.

Sound Management and Acoustic Separation

We one of the industry leader in mobile partitioned sound management. The acoustic sliding folding partitions have a very wide range of construction styles to minimize sound conversion or absorb sound, thus minimizing acoustic room reflections.


Understanding product design means listening to customer needs and the functionality of the product in use. This will lead to continuous innovation to provide the simplest field operation, such as the handle that can stretch or retract bottom the sound seal as needed.

Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition Acoustical Sliding Folding Partitions

No Floor Track

The acoustic folding partitions are supported from the ceiling track, so there is no floor track to get in the way, no tripping hazard, and no gap to collect debris. When an acoustic bottom seal is required, the seal is activated from within the operable panel.

Unlimited Completion and Options

Aesthetics is vital and we offer a wide range of surface and construction options for acoustic sliding folding partitions to meet any project design and functional standards. Surface treatment options include vinyl, fabric, carpet, veneer, high pressure laminates, frescoes and other custom surfaces – MDF finish can allow customers do surface treatment on site.

Durable Partition

The acoustic sliding folding partition is made of aluminum frame with excellent durability and rigidity in a wide range of challenging applications. From 1m to 15m high, 4 different thickness of aluminum frames to make sure the durable, safety and reliable operation.

Finish – Melamine

Melamine laminates provide innovative, durable, high-quality finish for your operable partitions. With more than 200 complete options, including wood grain, pure color, etc., you will surely find the perfect look for your room partition wall.