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Folding Wall

Get more from your space – Made in China, our folding wall is the quickest and easiest way to shape space. Also known as movable folding partition wall, room divider and folding wall screen, folding walls are ideal for internal sight and sound divider for projects that require frequent flexibility in space division. Sliding folding walls available in a wide range of fabric and acoustic grades and can be customized according to your specific needs of space.

Easy to Setup and Adjust

With selected heavy aluminum frame systems, equipped with vinyl, the folding wall can be precisely aligned. The inter-locking keys at one end of the partition system allow it to be properly fixed after unfolding.

Simple and Economy

The folding wall is a fast and economical way of dividing space. The folding wall hangs on overhead tracks and provides instant space division when needed. There is no floor track that invades your space, causing tripping hazards or collecting debris.

Noise Control

The acoustic structure includes multi-layer board at the top and bottom of the folding partitions and the acoustic wool inside. The acoustic performance is up to 50 STC, and the fabric acoustic panel and perforated panel can be used to reduce echo. The vinyl at all edges help to prolong life time and seal the sound.

Folding Wall Partitions Conference Rooms Sliding Folding Partition Wall Commercial

Aluminum Frame

Our folding wall is made of aluminum frame, acoustic wool and finish boards. The ceiling track system provides smooth, easy folding for many years and allows the removable wall to be easily manipulated.

Durable and Attractive Cover

No wrinkles; impact resistant cover board provides a smooth symmetrical appearance. The laminated structure increases the strength and stability of the folding walls commercial panel. Unique cover structure is against puncture, tear, or cut.

Multiple Conference Rooms

Often, the project chooses to use the folding wall partitions conference rooms to create “rooms in the room”. To achieve this, we offers collected track system to divide one big room into two, three and even more smaller rooms.

Customize Your Folding Wall

When it comes to space, no product is suitable for all projects. Our talented team of engineers will provide their expertise and collaborate to provide modified or customized solutions to meet your needs. No challenge is too big or too small. We are always eager and willing to understand the requirements of your project to provide exactly what you need.